Precision Shadow Masks

Complete shadow mask solutions for the most challenging display manufacturing and embedded electronics applications

Precision Shadow Mask

Advantech U.S., Inc. uses customized precision shadow masks in a vacuum deposition process to pattern individual device layers.

The shadow mask defines the pattern of device layers deposited with the additive electronics manufacturing process that Advantech U.S. developed.

Shadow masks are thin metal foils with precisely patterned apertures. Typical shadow masks are electroformed nickel (Ni) foils with a thickness of 9µm to 25µm. Masks up to 14inch x 14inch (355.6mm x 355.6mm) size can currently be manufactured. Mask manufacturing for larger mask areas is currently under development.

Every device layer has its unique aperture pattern. Apertures as small as 10µm with 10µm separation can be patterned by Advantech U.S. The aperture pattern of the individual shadow masks is determined during the Advantech U.S. design process. Each customer problem is different and requires customized device and circuit layouts. Advantech U.S. has decades of experience in reviewing a customer design and turning it into an additively manufactured product.

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