The Advantech U.S., Inc. additive manufacturing process for embedded electronic components enables the direct incorporation of thin film resistors and capacitors into inner layers of modern printed circuit boards.

Thin film resistors are tailored to the customers’ circuit design and can be integrated directly into gaps in conductive traces on traditional printed circuit board layers. Thin film resistors of the desired thin film material with the required geometry are deposited onto the substrate, overlapping onto the conductor traces.

Alternatively, the conductor traces can be deposited directly onto a bare circuit board substrate followed by the resistor elements using Advantech’s additive manufacturing technology. Such inner PCB layers manufactured fully additively connect to adjacent PCB layers with vias during the traditional PCB lamination process.

Embedded parallel plate capacitors can be manufactured with Advantech’s process on a wide variety of substrate materials. The capacitor electrodes and the dielectric layer are deposited sequentially using precision shadow masks. Embedded capacitors can be integrated in traditionally manufactured circuit board layers, or entire inner PCB layers can be “printed” with Advantech’s process technology.

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