Display manufacturers are driving their deposition technology to larger and larger display substrates, both on display grade glass and flexible plastic substrates. Current display glass standards exceed 1000mm size, even for mobile display applications. Since the display processes require cost extensive infrastructure and process supplies, substrate size emerges as the prime cost factor in the display manufacturing industry.

Accordingly, the display manufacturing process requires larger shadow masks while maintaining the dimensional and positional accuracy of the mask apertures for the display build.

The accuracy of shadow mask features suffers as their size increases. A perfectly accurate mask will experience thermal and mechanical influences during any deposition process resulting in deviations of individual apertures from their ideal position. This is a major detriment to display process yields.

Such thermal and mechanical dimensional deviations usually scale linearly with mask size. Doubling the mask dimensions doubles the positional errors.

Advantech U.S. has developed mask management technology to accurately align, position and level multiple individual masks to form a large area mask array with superior positional and dimensional accuracy.

The individual smaller masks exhibit and maintain excellent accuracy in the deposition process. An array of theses precision shadow masks assembled with Advantech U.S.’s Multiple Mask Alignment System (MMAS) positions covers large format substrates while providing the mask accuracy of the individual shadow masks.

The individual masks are precisely mounted on their frames. Advantech U.S.’s MMAS system positions an array of these masks on a carrier frame that fits the customers’ deposition systems.

The individual masks can be removed after the deposition cycle for cleaning and recertification under Advantech U.S.’s mask service.

Advantech U.S. is supplying this novel mask technology to the OLED display industry.

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