Advantech U.S., Inc. has developed extensive expertise in the management of precision shadow masks. This knowledge resides in Advantech U.S.’s Mechatronics group.

The metrology, mounting, alignment and tiling of shadow masks is a critical element in the additive manufacture of electronic devices, circuits and systems.

Advantech U.S. has developed dedicated systems to

  • verify the dimensional and positional accuracy of precision shadow masks prior to mask mounting
  • accurately position and mount shadow masks to enable their use in thin film deposition systems
  • accurately align, position, level and mount multiple precision shadow masks to create large area mask assemblies

Proper management of shadow masks throughout their life cycle provides cost effective solutions to our mask customers.

Our customers use their shadow mask sets in their manufacturing process. The masks accumulate the deposition materials used to build the precision device patterns on the substrates. After a certain number of deposition cycles, specific to each individual mask pattern and deposition process, our customer receives a new mask set and returns their used masks to Advantech U.S. for service. The returned masks are cleaned, their positional and dimensional accuracy is verified, and the recertified masks are returned to the customer.

Our precision shadow masks can be used for several hundred process cycles.

Advantech U.S.’s mask service solution offers a cost-effective approach to customers using medium or high volumes of shadow masks in their manufacturing process.