Additive manufacturing of embedded electronic devices, circuits and systems is gaining strong interest across a broad range of industries. The idea of embedding electronics in products that were previously not suited for electronics integration opens functional and design avenues previously unattainable.

Embedding electronic sensors, data processing circuits, communication circuits and displays into consumer, medical, industrial and defense products is becoming increasingly attractive to electronics manufacturers, giving them a route to discriminate their products from their competition.

A number of factors need to be considered:
  • Cost effective production process
  • Reliability and life cycle of embedded electronics
  • Integration with new substrate materials
  • Biocompatibility for medical and health & wellness products
  • Environmental resistance (mechanical, chemical, thermal, humidity, etc.)
  • Conforming to non-planar substrates
  • Integration on flexible substrates
  • Energy harvesting capability
  • Communication capability
  • Configurability

This list of criteria continues to grow as electronics manufacturers begin exploring the capabilities of embedded electronics.

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