Advantech US TeamAdvantech U.S.,Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based company that has developed a game-changing printing technology for manufacturing microelectronic devices. AMAX Evaporation Printing™ is an additive manufacturing technology that performs material deposition through shadow masks (fine metal masks). The core technology platform enables the fabrication of precision patterned thin films and utilizes process management of shadow masks up to 370x470 mm with feature sizes as low as 5µm and high precision alignment registration better than 1µm layer to layer. This process has shown significant application potential for the fabrication of ePaper display backplanes, OLED display front panels, chip packaging, microelectronic devices and circuitry; specifically, high density interposers, fine conductor lines and embedded components such as capacitors, resistors, and transistors. The process is compatible with a number of both rigid and flexible substrates and bulk deposition materials.

AwardsAdvantech U.S. owns and operates proprietary process equipment capable of patterned material deposition onto a substrate. Bulk materials are used such as metals to produce thin films with bulk material electrical characteristics. The patterned thin films exhibit desirable electrical properties, thin and precise features, and excellent adhesion. This additive, green manufacturing process offers in-line simplicity without chemical waste. The AMAX technology is ideally suited for applications that may require quick product change and low volume production runs.

The company has demonstrated active matrix display backplanes for OLED displays and ePaper displays, fine line interconnects, embedded resistors, capacitors and gap filter in circuit board applications. Advantech U.S. is manufacturing embedded electronic devices for a variety of customers and partners. The Company is leveraging this technology to sell products fabricated on its proprietary miniLine™ in-line equipment, license the manufacturing technology, and design and sell equipment.

Additionally we provide OLED display customers with our precision shadow masks and related mask service, such as mask mounting and cleaning service, as well as mask-related production equipment.

Our business footprint is global with ventures and interests in the US, Europe and Asia.


Located near the Pittsburgh International Airport, Advantech U.S. employs over 20 scientists, engineers, technicians, researchers and management experts in our 30,000 square foot headquarters, research and manufacturing facility.


Advantech U.S. Inc. was founded by T. Peter Brody, the inventor of Active Matrix Thin-Film Transistor display technology, having produced the world's first Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AM-LCD) in 1972.


To be the world leader in the additive manufacturing of next generation electronic devices, systems and displays.