Advantech U.S., Inc. is providing process technology solutions for the additive manufacture of embedded electronic devices, circuits and systems with features sizes and feature spacing between 5µm and 100µm+.

Embedded electronic devices and circuits are based on simple design elements. Thin film patterns consisting of metals, dielectrics, semiconductors or organic materials with well-defined and precisely controlled properties are deposited in the correct location, in the desired sequence to assure the desired device and circuit functionality.

Metal thin film patterns are deposited to form fine line interconnects, interposers and chip carriers.

Metal films can be used for form solder pads for traditional surface mount components or the connect vias in various substrate materials.

Resistor materials are used to pattern embedded thin film resistors.

Single and multilayer parallel plate capacitors are built by sequences of metal electrodes and dielectric materials. Different dielectric materials are used to tailor device capacitance, device footprint and high frequency properties such as loss tangents and network parameters.

Active devices such as MOSFETs are used in active matrix display backplanes and logic gate circuits.

The advantages of additively manufactured embedded electronics include
  • Manufacture of components directly embedded in printed circuit board traces
  • Reduction of discrete component count on printed circuit boards
  • Reduction of board size, volume and weight
  • Simpler board design by replacing components on outer board layers with embedded in-line components
  • Elimination of wire or ball bonding process steps
  • Improved component and board reliability
  • Increased security
  • Improved component and circuit signal performance
  • Simpler manufacturing process – additive process versus photolithography / wet chemical process
  • Savings on process equipment and infrastructure
  • Reduction of hazardous chemical usage and disposal expenses
  • High volume production process feasible

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