The Advantech U.S. Auto Align Mask Mounting system (A2M2) enables completely automated mask mounting.

Using an advanced mechanical positioning and manipulation system and state-of-the-art machine vision, the Auto Align Mask Mounting system (A2M2) enables the automated mounting of shadow masks in a fraction of the time of the manual mask mounting process.

The mask is automatically positioned and laser welded to the mask carrier frame. The mounting process takes less than 10 minutes per mask and assures consistent operator-independent mask mounting results.

Positional accuracy of the A2M2 system is better than 2.8µm (x, y, theta direction) and better than 20µm flatness.

The A2M2 system provides our mask customers with detailed mask positioning information for downstream statistical process control.

The system can be easily adapted to the customer’s specific shadow mask and mask frame designs.

Advantech U.S. is providing the Auto Align Mask Mounting system to OLED display manufacturers who need fast tact time and superior positional and dimensional precision in their shadow mask mounting process.

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