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A Backplane Fabricated by Evaporation Printing for the Production of a Cost-Competitive Electrophoretic e-Paper Electronic Shelf Label Display

Charles E. Harrigal, Vladimir Brajovic, Whitten Little, Karl R. Amundson Richard J. Paolini Jr, Seth J. Bishop, Russell J. DeWitte III

Micron-Patterned Deposition through Shadow Masks with High Precision Alignment for OLED and e-Paper Applications

Thomas Ambrose, Poohsan Tamura, Blake Brocato, Brian Bucci, Jeff Conrad, John Shelapinsky, Prashin Sharma, Scott Lauer and Whit Little

High Tolerance, Micron Scale, Inline Embedded Resistors using Thin Film Additive Manufacturing

S. Lauer, V.D. Heydemann, W. Decker, and J. Slater: Advantech U.S.; J. Mazurowski: Penn State Electro-Optics Center