Advantech U.S., Inc. is revolutionizing the way electronic devices, circuits and systems are manufactured.

  • Fully additive electronics manufacturing process
  • Deposition of thin films – metals, dielectrics, semiconductors, organics
  • Layers have properties of bulk material
  • Building devices and circuits layer by layer
  • Layer patterning by precision shadow masks
  • Feature sizes 5µm to 36inch (914mm)
  • Feature spacing as low as 5µm
  • Wide variety of substrates – glass, flexible plastics, printed circuit boards, ceramics, metal foil, semiconductor wafers
  • Integration with conventional IC and PCB process technologies
  • Reduction of hazardous process chemicals
  • Savings on infrastructure and capital equipment

Advantech U.S. Additive Manufacturing Process
Electronic devices, circuits and systems are built

  • With an additive manufacturing process
  • By deposition of the optimal materials
  • With the optimal material properties
  • In the optimal layer sequence
  • In the precise location
  • With the precise layer pattern
  • On the optimal substrate
  • Using Physical Vapor Deposition
  • Through Precision Shadow Masks
  • With precision mask-to-substrate alignment.

Advantech U.S. Centers of Excellence

  • Masks
  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded Electronics

Additive Manufacturing of Microelectronics

Additive Manufacturing of embedded electronics by thin film deposition through a fine metal shadow mask using proprietary and novel mask mounting to maintain dimensional stability, feature size and shape during fabrication.

Microelectronic Device Applications

Amax Evaporation Printing™ is a precision additive manufacturing process that enables patterning of 5µm to 100+ µm electronic device and circuit features in an integrated lithography-free process.

Shadow Mask Technologies

Advantech U.S. provides a shadow mask management process (manufacturing, mounting, cleaning), sub-micron layer-to-layer registration and various thin film deposition capabilities to additively manufacture next generation electronic components and circuits.

Precise Alignment of Fine Feature Device Patterns

Advantech U.S. deposits a wide range of patterned metal, dielectric, semiconductor and organic thin films. Our proprietary mask management and alignment system produces device features from 5μm size and spacing with better than 1 µm registration accuracy.